At the end of March, I was issued a challenge: Stay off Facebook for a month. If completed, the BC Cancer Agency and the Canadian Red Cross would be the recipient of a cash donation form one of our software developers.

Well... It wasn't easy, but here I am reporting to you all the the donations were made and I'm back on Facebook.
Here what you all missed in case you were wondering.
Weigh Loss Competition Results:
I managed to tie for first place in our group race to reach our target weights. This means I am now 30lbs lighter than I was at the beginning of the year. Actually, as I am typing this, I've gotten down another 8lbs for a total of 38lbs less.
The horrific punishment of the dreaded Winner-picks-what-the-losers-eat dinner at Uncle Willy's Buffet awaits.
Company Development:
While I was gone, the team went into all out app producing mode and churned out 4 apps.
  1. iro
    Our colour rules based colour selector app was the first to be released. For more details click here.
  2. Multiplayer Music Mayhem
    Got and iPad? Got some music? Got some friends with you? Perfect! Now you can have fun playing our music trivia game.
  3. Cool Silly : The Prelude
    This is our first foray into the music/entertainment app we hope to build for musicians we come across. It's free so download it and see what multimedia, Internet connectivity, and our ingenuity can do for an album of music.
  4. Bird is the Word (pending review)
    Our first iPhone game. It's gonna be pandaemonium! So much so that we'll have to save that for another entry.


One More Thing:
I added this post with my birthday present... That iPad 2 you see there in the picture.

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