Corp Unlock

Client: Corp Unlock
Status: Operational

Corp Unlock helps businesses unlock their fleet of cellular phones. As part of the design specs, we needed to convey this instantly to anyone viewing this logo.

However, at the same time, we needed to still maintain a certain stylistic look to help maintain a level of distinction.

The result is the logo you see presented here.

Rhythm Recall

Client: Rhythm Recall
Status: Completed

Rhythm Recall is the local reigning hip hop crew in Vancouver. We were honoured to be asked to create their crew's logo and t-shirts for them. The concept began with the core elements of what they do: letting the music flow and moving their feet to the beat. From there we took the idea of using speakers from a boom box and musical notes and mashing it up with a pair sweet kicks and the result is what you see above. We turned the logo we designed for them into t-shirts which can be seen in their most recent battles, Rock da House vol 3 and vol 4.

Star Style

Client: Star Style
Status: Operational

Our client, in this case, had a very clear and concise idea of what their logo needed to be. We were merely tasked with taking this logo through to the final-mile.

We sat down with Star Style to help transform the sketches and concepts into vectors and PDFs that are ready for reproduction in any form from print to the web and TV.

Microcap Media

Client: Microcap Media
Status: Non-Operational

This was a former media startup that aimed to help people discover Microcap companies with potential explosive profitability.

We wanted the logo to emphasize the investigative work done by this startup as we promote its benefits to their viewers.

The final product is a clever use of symbolism and design.

DJ Duv

Client: DJ Duv
Status: Groovin'

When one of our favourite DJs asked us help her make her logo, we couldn't say no.

We decided to gracefully combine two of her favourite things, music and doves, into memorable logo.

What we ended up with was a very happy client and a pretty good looking logo.

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