Voicemail Musculator

Status: Completed

When our favourite aged food additive based body wash spokesperson started to respond to questions he was asked on the Internet, we were thrilled and captivated by his sparkling manliness.

However, when one of his replies were made to be used as a voicemail greeting, we knew our purpose in life, be it for that brief moment, was to make a Facebook app that allowed you to manify your voicemail greetings.

In a mere few hours, we forged the Voicemail Musculator from our digital foundry with the rugged robust-ness that your voicemail greetings deserved.

Since then, Facebook has redefined their format and out app no longer fits on the current Facebook page. No fret. It can be found here.

XNA Particles

Status: Super Secret

This is an earlier attempt at playing with gravity, particles and the Microsoft XNA platform.

It was also a poof-of-concept piece for a larger and sneakier project that is being constructed in the secret labs of Supreme Heaven.

Don't worry. It'll be well worth the wait.

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