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Client: Ourselves
Status: Available In Stores

Colours play a vital role in our daily line of work and choosing the best combination of colours can be a taxing task without the right tools. This is the defining reason to why iro was created.

Inspired by other online applications, we utilized common mathematical formulas and colour properties to creat a colour wheel that helps people pick matching colours with ease. The sliders and nodes are easily adjustable and there are toggles for you to switch between RGB, HSV and CMYK colour modes.

If you are a web developer, this is the app for you. The calculated colours are instantaneously transformed into HEX values which you can export for use within your CSS files.

Having problems deciding which colours to use? We've also implemented a feature by which you could import a photo from your photo library and sample five colours from it to adjust and use.

Multiplayer Music Mayhem

Client: Ourselves
Status: App In Review

Challenge your friends in a head-to-head match of music trivia directly on your iPad. This game is great for solo play to test your knowledge of your favourite songs and even greater when it involves the whole family.

Multiplayer Music Mayhem is a music app that supports up to four players who can play at the same time. Music trivia has never been this much fun until it hit the iPad.

Choose from a wide selection of songs from your playlists and battle it out with your friends to see who knows their top 90s hits or who is the king of rock.

Leads Jar

Client: Ourselves
Status: Available In Stores

Sometimes concepts are formed from investigation, sometimes spontaneity or, in this case, frustration. One of our sales associates informed us that devices used at tradeshows to help with the capturing of leads cost about the same as an iPad. Shockingly, exhibitors were merely renting those lead capture devices at a cost of an iPad each time they attend one of these events.

We decided that this was a niche market we could fill with some ingenuity and tada!... Leads Jars was born.

What this app does is help you capture leads during events and then stores them. You can later export them easily to an Excel spreadsheet or even to an Aweber list. It also allows you to create custom greeting and thank you messages.


Client: Ourselves
Status: Available In Stores

Scribbie was designed to let users take notes with the iPad, but why would you want to use a $500+ device to do what you could very effectively do with a 50¢ notepad and an HB pencil?

That's why we designed Scribbie to do more than mimic a notebook. Scribbie actually records every pencil stroke you make and lets you play them back later. It also records the audio while you're jotting down your notes and synchronizes them to what you have written down.

Seeking to any moment is as easy as tapping on what you have written. Scribbie will go to that point in time and start playing back your notes and the audio at that time.

Now you can take notes without ever having to worry about missing anything.

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