Canadian Connectors

Client: Canadian Connectors
Status: Completed

One of our clients is in the industry of helping other businesses grow and save money at the same time. They came to us with a special request of making an introductory opening video for all of their online video content. With a short timeline, we managed to get the video produced and sent out in under a week. The result is what you see above.


Client: Hendra
Status: Completed

The Hendra partner's video is a fine example of our resourcefulness. Given a limited budget and resources, we were asked to put together a video that conveyed Prestige and Elegance.

Normally these aspects are polar opposites, but it's nothing a little Supreme Heaven creativity wouldn't take care of.

What we ended up doing was cleverly manipulating a series of stock photos to come alive in a 3D environment. At the same time, we would apply a specific colour treatment to the project to deepen that sense of class. The end result is what you see above.

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